Radiation From Japan Causes Rain in USA

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Nuclear disaster leads to more rainIncreasing amounts of nuclear radiation has made its way across the pacific towards North America, bringing slight increases in the background levels of radiation. It is now detectable in cow's milk and some vegetables such as broccoli, as far as six thousand miles from the disaster site. Another side effect has been the increased amount of rain on the west coast. This has lead to a positive economic impact for some businesses.

Scientists in our underground bunkers in the frozen North have been continuing to monitor the effects of these catastrophes brought on by the bad economy, especially the devastation in Japan, and the after effects, that are now spreading around the globe. The latest in a series of knock-on effects is that the radiation is affecting cloud formations over the west coast, turning otherwise harmless water molecules into heavy water, known as deuterium. These denser molecules are then too heavy to remain in the atmosphere, and fall to earth, causing heavy rain throughout the northwest (see diagram below).

Japanese Radiation Causes Excessive Rainfall

Local authorities have been quick to announce that the radiation levels are too low to worry about at this time, and that it is still perfectly safe to drink water from the tap, as it goes through special filtering to remove all heavy water molecules. Strangely though, many government staff who work outside were seen recently wearing hasmat suits while on the job.

 Lead Lined umbrells to protect from radiation

Our scientists predict that this radioactive rain will continue to fall for the foreseeable future, further spreading the radiation into the groundwater affecting animals, agriculture and ultimately people. The affects may be at a safe level now, but they are cumulative, which means you are safe but your grandchildren may not be.

But amid this bad news is a spark of positive economic news. The Acme company, out of Texas has started selling their lead lined umbrellas. These products can help you keep the water off your back and the radiation off your head. "If you live on the west coast, you should never leave home without one," said their representative.

This is the same company that brought us the lead lined milk carton, and resulted in a series of class action lawsuits over lead poisoning in schools. That product has since been withdrawn from the market.

Other businesses that are booming involve the sales of bottled water, from deep underground springs, that could not possibly ever in a million years get tainted by the radiation. The bottling companies are in discussions with Acme over a potential new product, the lead lined water bottle. This product will protect consumers from the radiation, while at the same time they assure us that the chances of lead poisoning are very small. The product is also certified as BPA free! We will continue to report on this story as it unfolds further. Meanwhile, in schools, the "Water Cycle" which is taught to kids has been revised to reflect the changes in the environment: