More Earthquakes On The Way

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More earthquakes due to bad economySince our previous articles on the impact of the bad economy on the orbit of the moon, flooding and earthquakes, things have gone from bad to worse. These global disasters, caused by the economic collapse, are now causing more economic havoc in the world. We are on the brink of the abyss, armed with a lead life preserver to keep us afloat.


Scientists in our underground bunkers in the frozen North have been continuing to monitor the effects of these catastrophes brought on by the economy, and a definite pattern is emerging. It seems clear now that the decay in the Moon's orbit is causing gravitational stresses that are literally pulling at the Earth. Where there are weak spots, this trggers more tectonic activity. At first, we thought it was limited to areas where excessive use of credit cards, but it is far more widespread than that.

The recent one-two punch of an earthquake followed by a deadly tsunami in Japan has lead to damage, including three nuclear reactors. The resulting loss of power, and risk of deadly meltdown has had devastating effects on the financial system in Japan. Other countries are scrambling as markets are falling like a rock due to huge selloffs.

This creates a vicious cycle, where a bad economy triggers more disasters, which further damages the economy. It is hard to break out of this cycle once your are in it.

Bad economy triggers disasters

The economic outlook in Japan is very grim, and now, Japan has the worst growth outlook in Asia. Japan should have been renovated and ready to thrive economically. Instead, it is now in worse shape than even the United States, and that is saying something!

 But what of the traditional disasters that faced Japan? For example, Godzilla, first captured on film in Japan in the 1950s and 60s, is a giant reptile product of radiation stomping on its cities and using death beams from its eyes. So far there has been no news for some time. Nor too has there been a mention of Mothra. In fact, since the earthquake there has been no sightings at all.

Some locals suspect that they are waiting for the right time before they pounce on the already weakened Japanese economy. Many are hiding in the hills, in the hope that they can escape both further tsunami and they believe that the monsters prefer to stomp on buildings rather than trees. This might not be a bad approach, as both disasters usually come from the sea. The exception could be is a volcanoe errupts.