Media Cover Up

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Worldwide crackdown on the media to control reporting of the bad economy as we transition to a police state, run by investment bankers and insurance firms. Hundreds of media employees in Canada alone were laid off to keep quiet. The official message is that the economy could be worse, and that it is gradually getting better. The truth is far from that.

Clearly this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some photographers have been threatened with arrest, and had their cameras confiscated. It could be the photographs showed something the public was not meant to see, such as evidence perhaps? It just takes some effort to connect the dots and you can see this is a fiendishly monstrous plan. Somehow, this is all connected to the Clavius top secret moon base. As yet we are unclear how, but you can rest assured we are on the case.

And search engine giant Google has been forced to lay off hundreds of employees. You will only notice a slight slowdown as your request is filtered by government censor algorithms. At the same time, your personal details and your home address will be extracted from cookies stored on your home PC, and you may be added to their list of "persons of interest". After that you can expect a visit from men in dark suits.

In the UK, the BBC is gearing up to lay off thousands. The official story behind the layoffs is that it is due to budget cuts, but we all know that is not the case. The super-secret worldwide organization, known as the G-20 is cracking down on media around the world to throttle any bad news about the economy.

Some people who don't even have a TV in their home are being bullied into silence about the bad economy, or else face hefty fines. Truly this is shocking, and indicates that the economy is worse than we thought. It also shows how desperate for money these agencies have become.

We asked an unspecified government insider, under terms of anonymity, for details of what was going on. They said that this is just the beginning, "we are just waiting to execute the next phase," he said. When asked about who was behind all this, he said "Just follow the money." After that there were several clicking noises and the phone went dead.