Crime Rates Soar On Bad Economy

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Crime rates upAs the economy continues to sink we find crime rates going the other way at an even faster rate. Those in the banking industry are leading the way and are an inspiration to criminals and thugs all around the world.

The FBI estimates, for example, that burglary and robbery -- street crimes -- costs the nation $3.8 billion a year. This is nothing compared to wall street's $18.4 Billion worth of bonuses recently. And consider that is only the bonuses and payouts that we are aware of. This has been buiding to a head over the years. It makes criminals feel proud to think of the heights or depths that has been reached!


In society, you have a very small number of people who are going to push the envelope and take it to the next step. For some time we thought it would be the drug lords in South America, and the pirates off the coast of Africa were doing a good job. But in the end it was the investment banking and insurance industry that has provided us with the biggest criminals the world has ever known.

Until now, only such companies as Microsoft have brazenly committed crimes and flaunted it in the face of the US government. Now, AIG took billions in bailout payments, to save them from problems that they themselves created, and then paid bonuses to their executives. The bar has been raised as far as crimes go. I mean, if you are a mad scientist and want to hold the world for ransom, it had better be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, if you want to rank yourself amongst the top criminals in the world. Anything less and you are a petty criminal.

In terms of crime, what will come next? What hideous crimes can you imagine? And as the economy gets even worse, and more lose their jobs, more people will turn to crime. Although even armies of criminals cannot compare to a boardroom full of AIG executives.