The New Federal Budget

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Tuesday's Canadian federal budget came with no surprises. They plan to spend us into debt, to get out of a recession, rather like jumping out of a skyscraper to avoid being burned in a fire. The federal government anticipates it would run a deficit of $33.7 billion in the fiscal year beginning April 1.

The current plans have Canada in debt until about 2013, which is interesting since many predictions for the end of the world are around the year 2012. Clearly they know something we don't know.

What if everyone were to do the same? We could spend ourselves into credit card debt, buying big screen HDTV and not care (some of you are way ahead of me on this one), since by 2012 there will be no more collection letters and no more tax returns. Perhaps this is why they cancelled the TV show 'Friends' and why Madonna divorced Guy Richie? What is next? Will Oprah come out with a new diet program, backed up with webcasts and podcasts? I see the book deals now - "2013 - never worry about weight again..."

Perhaps in 2012 there will be first contact. Aliens will come down and see how badly our governments have spent us into debt, and will turn around their spaceships and leave in disgust.

Included in the budget is an increase in the basic personal exemption to $10,320 from $9,600. So you save 22% of $720 or a whopping $158 a year. The way things are going that won't cover the interest on your bloated credit cards.

The Canada Space Agency gets another $110 million over three years to support the development of advanced robotics and other space technologies. The budget includes $87 million to maintain or upgrade key Arctic research facilities. This is probably where the secret alien bases are located. Now why did our government not charge a toll for the aliens, so that the base pays for itself? It just seems right to me. If they are going to invade us, why should we foot the bill? Every new bridge they build comes with a toll, I think it is good to extend that to visitors from outer space.