Genocide Conspiracy

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Scientists Creating SuperbugsShocking news just out! It seems that with the financial meltdown, there are too many people chasing too few jobs. The jobs are gone for good, for the most part, and newly uncovered evidence suggests that some government agencies around the world are trying to balance things out by reducing the population.


This is the sort of thing you read in novels, but you never believed would ever happen in real life. Imagine population reduction projects going on in various locations around the world, within secret laboratories.

Scientists and genetic engineers are manufacturing so-called superbugs and viruses targeted at specific demographics and areas. It could be targeted down to specific personality types, for example, if you are a telemarketer or you bite your nails you could be in trouble.

Since the project to decode the human genome, it has been possible to fashion specific strains of bugs that lock on to particular genetic fingerprints. We have reports of mass outbreaks of symptoms similar to a really bad cold, or that of food poisoning. If you have either of these symptoms for a prolonged time, you should check yourself into a hospital immediately.

At this point, it is hard to tell if this is an attack from outside the country or from within. An airborne strain could be launched into the upper atmosphere from anywhere, and it could be carried halfway around the globe before it lands on a target. At our secret base in the Arctic, we are constantly monitoring the atmosphere for signs of particulate or viral contaminants.

While governments are working on stimulus packages to try and prop up the economy and create jobs, the number of new Surgical face maskjobs does not equal more than a fraction of the jobs lost over the last few months. It could just be a smokescreen to hide the true plans until it is too late.

If you have not done so already, get yourself a a good sub-micron surgical face mask, with virus filtration efficiency above 99%, and be especially careful to avoid people who want to shake your hand. Physical contact is a way they get it to spread so quickly.