New .crook Top Level Domain

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After all the recent financial meltdown, and the even more embarrassing Ponzi scheme run by Bernard Madoff, the ICANN is now considering a new .crook top level domain. Membership of this prestigious domain will be open to investment banks, politicians, lawyers and certain trades professions.


For example, the website, would be re-registered under the new top level domain as www.lehman.crook. The insurance company AIG would be re-registered as www.aigassurance.crook, and similarly you would find www.bearstearns.crook, www.fanniemae.crook, www.freddiemac.crook, and www.whitehouse.crook.

On hearing the news of this new domain, many people are excited. "This could be the turning point for our bad economy, if the bad guys would make themselves obvious." said one person who wished to remain anonymous.

For instance the SEC and the IRS would give an automatic audit to .crook companies. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies would monitor all new registrations.

"This is a genius idea," said a person standing outside the US Department of Treasury. "I mean, for once we get the crooks to stand up and be counted."

Certain skeptics and spokesmen for various criminal organizations suggested that the new top level domain is doomed from the start, since there was little motivation for criminals to come forward and re-register. "This was like the time they asked us to wear black hats. They forgot that sometimes we cheat."

Once you have been convicted of a crime, or pass the bar, you will be entitled to register for your own personal .crook domain. Evidence of a felony should be included with your submission, or signed affidavits of at least 3 victims. If your criminal activities are widely known and attributed to you, then this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the registrar.

Some large criminal organizations welcome the change, since now they don't have to hire expensive marketing organizations to put a spin on things to make them look good in the public eye. For example bestbuy.crook will no longer have to care about its return policies.

With respect to the economy, a lot of money has been going from innocent victims into the hands of criminals for a long time. This underworld economy is worth billions of dollars, and if re-directed to worthy causes, this could make a huge impact across the nation and around the world.