Arizona Outsources Last Remaining Job

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Arizona Jobs OutsourcedThe state of Arizona, in a revolutionary announcement yesterday, celebrated the outsourcing of the last remaining full-time position to Bangalore India. Other jobs were sent overseas to places including China and the Philippines, the Governor announced, from the state legislative building, now located in Shanghai.

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It started some years back as various multi-national companies moved jobs overseas, and then various municipalities tried moving their various functions to call centers in Mumbai. As more work moved out, the costs went down, meaning that more could be done for less money. "The more we outsourced, the more money we saved, which is good for the economy," said one industrialist.

The Arizona  state board of education was early to get on the bandwagon. They were able to close down all the traditional brick and mortar schools and move to a completely virtual campus, serving all levels K-12, and beyond. To take a course, all you need to do is get on the internet and be able to understand English with an Indian accent. As costs went down, enrollments have gone up, allowing for more and better education for everyone.

Job cutsIt is true that unemployment rates are the highest in the country, somewhere over 92% right now, but who wants to work anyway? Residents of the state are now free to live a life of leisure, while all work is done overseas by low cost workers. The work done is of high quality, and is checked regularly by quality assurance teams in Bangalore, to ensure the state is getting value for money.

Many small businesses in Arizona, have joined the program, moving work out of state, and in most cases overseas. By no longer maintaining an office in Arizona, they are no longer subject to state taxes, and are most likely benefitting from the tax-free incentives in various locations in asia. This has made a huge improvement to the bottom line, and allowed them to price their products and services more competitively.

Out of work Web ProgrammerThe decline in local small businesses, has reduced the demand for commercial zoned properties across the state, and reduced the needs for commercial construction. With less people going to work, traffic has reduced over 80%, leading to a decline in the need to maintain roads. This is good, since the new state highway maintenance and public works were relocated to Jakata last year.

Another benefit for Arizona citizens, is a huge reduction in income tax. As most people are out of work, they have little or no taxable income, and pay next to no income tax. Furthermore, this means more people are now eligible for various state and federal benefits than ever before. The per capita ratio of people on welfare is the highest in the country. Fortunately, the Eastern states are able to pick up the slack, so it all balances out. Applying for welfare is easy too, since you just have to call a 1-800 number to reach the state welfare call centre in TienTsin.