President Obama To Visit Canada

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Obama & HarperPresident Obama takes his first foreign trip Thursday, and of course it is to Canada. He will be meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to discuss the status of the secret alien bases in the Arctic. Most Canadians think that he will be tackling the explosive issue of protectionism with the leader of United States' largest trade partner, and perhaps brainstorming ideas to fix the bad economy.

Due to the global warming, the ice caps are melting at a rate that will soon render the bases useless. Unlike the Antarctic, there is no land underneath the polar ice cap in the Arctic.

Arctic Melting

Speculation is that the bases are already being relocated to the Antarctic, with the objective to remain as far from civilization as possible. Evidence of this being done under the guise of a cruise ship, the M/V Ocean Nova ran aground Tuesday in Marguerite Bay not far from an Argentine research base in Antarctica. Researchers believe the extra weight of all the equipment caused the vessel to sit lower in the water, and caught the ship's crew by surprise. The ship's captain is awaiting high tide to make another attempt to move the vessel.

Parliment HillMeanwhile, thousands of Canadians are expected to flock to the nation's capital for a chance to spot U.S. President Barack Obama, but they'll have to contend with road closings, barriers, police and the dark windows of his limo, code-named Stagecoach but better known as the Beast.

Obama will arrive at Ottawa airport around 10:30 ET on Thursday. From there, Obama will head to Parliament Hill for a day of meetings. This is not a day to be wearing that tee shirt that looks like a suicide exploding vest.

Another topic that is allegegly on the agenda is Afghanistan. Both men are fundamentally smart enough to know that a positive working relationship is vital for both countries. But since Canada did not go into Iraq, there could be some ground to smooth over before joining forces in another invasion.