Feds Enact H1N1 Quarantine For Iowa

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Iowa Locked DownDespite protests, the government is moving to contain the swine flu pandemic by fencing off the entire state of Iowa. National guard are stationed at all roads in or out of the state, and all flights are grounded. Amtrak passenger trains are ordered not to stop as they cross the state, and Greyhound buses have to detour via Minnesota to avoid the quarantine area.


Iowa is the self-proclaimed Pork Capital of the US, and the headquarters of the National Pork Producers’ Council, so its not too far a stretch to imagine that it would be a hotbed of swine flu outbreaks. Earlier this month, Governor Culver pressed the panic button and declared a state of emergency. The federal government immediately sent in troops who set up emergency field hospitals and compounds to detain, contain and treat those infected.

As the pandemic continued to grow, and outpaced the available supplies of the H1N1 vaccine, further steps have been taken. Many of the doctors and nurses sent to help treat the infected have themselves fallen ill. This is even more serious since health care professionals were previously treated with the H1N1 vaccine, which indicates that the strain of the H1N1 swine flu has become resistant to the vaccine. It is also believed that those who have contracted the flu, and since recovered may still be contagious. The containment area had to be expanded statewide to try to contain the spread of the pandemic.

"Iowans have met many challenges over the past couple of years. Together, we've faced historic natural disasters like ice storms, tornadoes and floods. And along with the rest of the nation, we are enduring a historic pandemic. We ask that you all remain in your homes, and observe the curfew. For the safety of everyone, those who fail to observe these emergency restrictions will be detained until the danger is past. We thank you for your cooperation."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that "H1N1 influenza activity remained high in the United States, particularly Iowa, with some key indicators decreasing slightly and others continuing to climb. We have issued a travel advisory for anyone considering travel to Iowa. If you have bought produce or meat products that comes from Iowa, you should be safe if you wash it thoroughly."