Bad Economy Affects Cults

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Cult MembersMost cults worth their pamphlets have some kind of doomsday teachings, which focus on an impending apocalyptic event such as the end of the world. With the economy in worse shape than ever, it is a good time for these cults to go public and say "I told you so, neener neener..."

So for cults, this is a good time. Recruitment is up, since it appears that they are right about the coming end of the world. Also with lots of unemployed workers with nothing to do, there are lots of candidates out there ready to be snatched up. Many of these candidates are disillusioned with life, after being dumped by employers or losing their homes and savings to evil investment banks. With an offer of free koolaid and an escape from the madness, many of these people will be receptive. There won't be too much brainwashing needed, since people have already learned the hard way not to trust anyone.


More Income for CultsWith more recruits comes more income, and that means the cults can buy bigger and better compounds in places like Guyana, Waco, Texas and New Mexico. At this time, real estate prices are cheap, and it makes for a good investment too. Once established and holed up with lots of guns and incendiary devices, the cults can then prepare themselves for their final days on this earth. Of course you can expect the ATF stakes out your compound, suspecting you are  on the verge of committing a mass-suicide.

Cults Set To StrikeSome cults may see the current Recession as a trigger, which causes them to increase their efforts to bring about the end times they are looking forward to. Such efforts could be violent in nature, or may involve whipped cream. To be prepared, you need to wear Kevlar and carry around some fresh strawberries.

If you define cults as groups whose beliefs and practices are not only outside of the mainstream but also violate human rights, public safety and peace and order, then you must include investment banks and insurance firms as cults. Their actions certainly seem to be directed at bringing down governements and causing the end of the world.