Swine Flu A Huge Smokescreen

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Shell GameAlthough many conspiracy theorists believe the swine flu to be a creation of the US Government, the reality is that it is taking the focus away from the bad economy. Where before the world was watching the new US administration as it spends Trillions to curb the depression, now we are redirected towards this new threat.

Imagine you want to stop your kid asking about ice cream, so you point to some fireworks and point and yell, "look over there!" It feels something like that. We are being distracted on a global level.

 Map of Swine Flu Outbreaks

The swine flu appears real, but so far we have not seen any bodies. Around the world there are counts of dead, but there have been no talk about the funerals. And noone you know personally has died from swine flu. Plenty of real people have been diagnosed with the virus, but they seem not to die. It does not add up.

Is it a coincidence that the US-owned secret biological weapons labs are located in Mexico? We cannot confirm this since when we called the White House they refused to comment, and since then our phone lines have all gone dead. Another reader contributed that the swine flu, together with avian flu and HIV/AIDS all have a similar signature in how they are transmitted from animals to humans. This suggests they were genetically modified by the same source/agency. This would take a lot of resources to pull off, and that only points to one group capable of doing such.

When you ask yourself, "who has the most to gain?" it makes sense. Our contributor, cyber-mole, always says "Follow the money." Until recently the world was focused on the money and where it went, but now things such as AIG and bailouts have been demoted to second place. On CNN all you hear about is "Swine Flu". It is natural for the press to focus on bad news, and it has to be the worst news. So in the middle of the worst financial crisis, we somehow end up with a crisis even worse. Do you see a pattern? With the previous administration there was the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers that happened at just the right time. It all seems both convenient and familiar.

While everyone is looking at the news of the swine influenza virus, the troubles in the economy continue to get worse. It reminds me of the Titanic movie, where the musicians kept playing to distract people that the ship was sinking. Are you watching the musicians or do you have your lifejacket on? You can expect to get wet soon.