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Economic Radar

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Economic Radar DishDeep in the underground bunkers in the frozen North, we have been working on super secret radar and satellite imaging to measure how bad the economy is going to be in the coming months. Take it from us, even NORAD does not have this kind of technology. The answer is not good. At first we saw a huge blip, that looked like the perfect storm, with a big letter R (for recession) on it coming our way.

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Immigrants Forced Out By Bad Economy

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Illegal immigrants who came to the United States in search of work and a new life, are now leaving in a tidal wave of exodus. With the economy so bad, there is no work left for hard working immigrants, so it is time to go home.

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Solutions For The Bad Economy

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TrevorSince we are all in deep trouble due to the bad economic times we find ourselves in, here are some simple solutions that you can apply on personal level, from our financial correspondent Trevor:

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Economic Status Alert

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Homeland Security Advisory SystemStarting today, we are introducing a new Economy Status Alert, providing an at-a-glance view of how bad things are. This is along the same lines of the Homeland Security Advisory System, and will be updated as things progress.

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Buy and Hold

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The concept of Buy-and-Hold, the brainchild of Warren Buffett, was bastardized by the asset gatherers who believe that it really means: buy-and-hold-no-matter-how-much-money-you-lose. The question is "How much more can you afford to lose?"

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Derivatives Time Bomb

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We are facing a situation where the world's financial markets plunge into chaos as the massive derivatives positions owned by hedge funds and the large banks move against those parties.

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Where Did Your Savings Go?

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Stocks downDon't look here, we did not take them! Actually many people are wondering where all their wealth has gone, and can they ever get it back. In this in-depth report we explore the answers to these questions.

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