Romance In A Bad Economy

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Romance off due to economyWhat do you do for romance when there is no money around? When people are out of work because of the economy, the focus is away from having a fun life, and is centered on survival. This shattered economy has devastated the whole landscape of romance and dating.

Romance in a Bad Economy

In the past, someone with an income could be considered worthy of consideration when dating. Further back, a man with a job might be thought of as "marriage material". Now with so many people laid off, there are less eligible partners out there. Couples who were thinking about getting together are now having second thoughts about making any financial commitments in this economic climate.

The timeframes have changed too. Where previously a couple would come together to have a life together and raise a family, in this bad economy they are together until the unemployment cheques run out. Instead of 'until death do us part' it becomes 'until unemployment do us part'. The lifetime of relationships are getting shorter than ever.

In this bad economy, romance novels and romantic movies are selling more than ever. All those folks who crave romance, but can't find Broken Heartsomeone suitable are seeking an alternative in books and movies. And of course a little escape from the horrors of your 401K plan or your RRSP investments is a welcomed relief.

As a sidebar, I should warn against watching such romantic movies on a high definition TV, or HDTV. It is pretty much a given that these devices are being used for mind control. At this point we can only speculate as to the purpose, and all our speculations are bad.

A second sidebar, perhaps the whole manipulation of the financial markets to cause an economic meltdown is part of a global conspiracy to reduce the population by discouraging people to date and have sex?

So if you are hit by the bad economy, what can you do? Perhaps you can wait it out and weather the storm. Delay making any financial commitments until you get another job. If you both have a job, expect one of you to lose their job soon and plan how you can handle it. If you are dating, try going dutch, and pick more frugal places to go to. Do not try to spend money you do not have in order to impress your date. If you drain your limited resources it will not look good. In these economic times, financial responsibility is sexy.