Bad Economy initiating coverage on RIMM

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RIMM = Sinking ShipRealizing that most stock analysts are little more than gazing at tea leaves, or stating the obvious after it is too late, we have decided to throw our hat into the ring.

RIMM = Sinking Ship

We are starting with a rating for RIMM, of "Sinking Ship". If you are holding a long position in RIMM, you are hereafter referred to as a "rat", and encouraged to jump ship as soon as possible.

Research In Motion Limited (RIMM) designs, manufactures, and markets out of date wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. At one point it was a world leader, with a huge market differentiation. The word BlackBerry has become ubiquitous, and not as a fruit. It has become famous for anti-social behavior, such as texting while in a meeting, in washrooms and while driving. The product became so addictive, that it coined the word "CrackBerry" treating it like some kind of drug.


Moving forwards some years, and the huge market differentiation from BlackBerry has evaporated. The market has become pretty much saturated, with obnoxious people everywhere playing on  their handheld devices during meetings. Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) have become huge in the market, with their iPhone and Android offerings respectively. Research In Motion is now struggling to catch up, after resting on its laurels for too long. The story of RIMM is a little depressing and a bit all over the place.

Major investors have already left this stock, including the principals. If you are a contrarian investor, or you don't like wealth too much, you are welcome to buy in, hoping that another revolutionary product will save them. If that is so, we have a bridge you should buy, please call our office with your credit card and personal information ready.

Bottom line, RIMM is going down fast. If you are tied to the mast and struggling for air, there is a little hope. They could get bought out for  their infrastructure assets, and as soon as news of a takeover comes out you could see a short spike in the stock value. If you have paper share certificates, you could keep them for historical interest, or in case you run out of TP.