Healthcare In The Bad Economic Climate

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Health careA big concern these days is how to handle health insurance. The costs of health insurance are increasing, and the numbers of unemployed are also increasing. Hospitals are merging and downsizing to the point that we will not be able to take care of the wounded when disaster strikes.

The best way to handle this is a preventative approach. You need to look at the most likely causes of illness and avoid them, so that you rarely have to go to a hospital.

Businesses are looking to cut costs in order to survive, and that can have all sorts of consequences. For example, a fast food chain uses cheap ingredients which leads to food poisoning. It happens more often than you think. To protect yourself you should carry your own stomach pump at all times, and pratice using it so that you know what to do when the worst happens.

Airlines have been hit badly with fuel costs last year, and now the economy is hitting them even more. Can you trust that the floatation device under your seat will save you in the event of a water landing? Since new FAA policy requires landing in the Hudson river, you should carry water wings with you and store your valuables in waterproof containers.

Bad Economy
Healthcare Package

With less hospitals covering a greater geographic reach, you can expect a further trip when you need to get to the hospital. As the ambulance services have laid off staff to cut costs, you should have your own transportation to get you to a hospital in time of need.

Bridge collapsesAlong the way to the hospital, you may be driving over substandard bridges, because contractors were cutting costs during construction due to the economy. Try and minimize the number of bridges you have to cross, and you might want to bring those water wings along with you, in case of a water landing.

Another impact on health is bacteria and viruses, some of which could be caused by alien spacecraft landing on our planet and bringing extra-terrestrial viruses. The alien spacecraft are landing there, cunningly disguised as meteorites. These viruses would be sent airborne during the landings, and carried by the air currents around the world.

Such viruses are not covered under your current healthcare plans, and are considered on a par with acts of God. The best protection is a good sub-micron surgical face mask, with virus filtration efficiency above 99%. It is best to wear the mask outside and especially in buildings and airplanes where the air is recirculated.

Finally, be sure also not to walk under any ladders, or step on a crack in the pavement.