Make More Money In A Bad Economy

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Make Money in a Bad EconomyAs the recession deepens and more people become victims of the worst recession since the 1930's, there is increasing pressure on individuals to find new ways to make money. The creativity and innovative ways people come up with has no limits.

For example, in Canada and many states in the USA, there are refundable deposits on pop cans and bottles. For a long time, you could see homeless people scouring garbage cans in search of discarded cans and bottles. You see people with shopping carts full of of cans, taking them to the recycle station to claim the refund money. Now, it is not just homeless people. You can see stock brokers, former realtors and unemployed software engineers digging through dumpsters, clutching a garbage bag of cans they have found.


But why wait for cans to be discarded? Some creative insurance salespeople have been staking out supermarkets, waiting for shoppers to come out. They offer to help carry purchases to their car, and as soon as they get their hands on a pack of soda cans, they dash off with their booty, leaving the poor shopper wondering what just happened.

RecyclingOn the topic of recycling, there is money to be made in collecting scrap metals. For example a lot of cables used by the power and telephone companies are made of copper, and more than once some out of work investment bankers have cut lengths of the thick cables and made off with them. Sometimes they have gotten electrocuted, which served them right. Mostly, thousands of homes end up without power for several days while the utilities work to repair the damage.

For less dangerous recycling, some people have realized that many gas barbecues, that sit unguarded in back yards, are made of aluminum. The stand is not worth much, and is usually discarded, which is why in this economy there have been a lot more 'topless' barbecues around than usual. Other good recyclable opportunities, are aluminum deck railings. Consequently, there have been increased reports of people falling off their decks in this recession.

One creative person in Northern California built their own toll booth and set it beside a fairly minor road. They were able to get most travellers to deposit 50c as they passed by, and this lasted for several weeks. They did well because the road was nowhere close to a donut shop, and so few police traveled that route.

Another source of money comes from the crime spotters tips line. If you can call in a tip that leads to the arrest of a criminal, there is often a reward. Since the economy has turned sour, the number of calls on these tips lines has gone up exponentially. Criminals are having a difficult time plying their trade for this and many other reasons. Now if you work as emergency services or law enforcement, you are ineligible to claim a reward. So when law enforcement folks are first to come across something worth reporting, they call a friend or family member who then calls it in to claim the reward.

Make Money Now!If you still have some money available, there are some opportunities to be made in real estate. There are still some distressed properties and foreclosures to jump on, particularly in the Midwest. You can then fix them up and in some cases, rent them out to the people who used to own them, so that their rent payments makes your mortgage payments. That way, they are still paying for the property, but you own it instead!

Insurance fraud is another exciting avenue to make more income in the recession. In this bad economy, there are increasing staged accidents on the road. For example, Texas is ranked #4 state for insurance fraud. The National Insurance Crime Bureau claims staged accidents jumped 46% from 2007 to 2009. This only pushes up insurance premiums, since the insurance companies are not ones to become the victims of crime when they can pass it on to their customers.

If fraud is too much for you, have you tried multi-level marketing (aka network marketing)? It is relatively easy to find people who are suffering in this economy, and in need of a new source of income. Technically there has to be a legitimate product or service to avoid it being a pyramid scheme, but don't worry about that detail. When you present it, just focus on all the money they will be making, and that the product requirements are minimal. Many people are desperate, and will hang on your every word as you promise six-figure incomes in their first year of selling overpriced soap. With the internet, there are many network marketing opportunities that do not even require you to look your victims in the eye. As each victim then follows your script and recruits more victims, your empire grows!

Another good way to make some quick money is hold a garage sale. Make a note of when people in your neighborhood are away, and on a Friday, break into their home. Then on the Saturday, sell as much of their stuff as a garage sale. Claim to be a relative, if asked who you are. Extra credit if you use their kitchen and bake some cakes and sell them as well.

It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to keep your head above water during this bad economy. You need a can-do attitude and a creative mind to come up with new ways to make money.

One final note. If you live in Idaho, it is time to move out. There are no jobs there, no company wants to set up there because all the people are ugly, and any remaining jobs pay minimum wage.