Cheating In A Bad Economy

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Cheating everywhereCheating is when a person or organization misleads, deceives, or acts dishonestly on purpose. The government cheats the electorate, the banks cheat customers, and at this time of year everyone is cheating on their taxes. In the current economic climate, we are bending the rules, and seeing how far they can go and get away with it. We believe everyone else is too.


It can start out at an early age, when kids cheat on their homework. They feel the pressure of the recession bearing down on them, for example at school they get recess(ion) every day. The school districts are so strapped for cash that parents have to buy text books for their kids, and some schools have to organize a bake sale to pay for a metal detector. The subliminal messages are everywhere. The bullies in the schoolyard had to increase their quotas of extortion, because the average haul per victim is down as parents can't afford so much lunch money. By the time that kids move up to cheating in exams, they are hooked into the pattern of cheating, all because of the economy.

The psycology of cheating is a draw too. Cheating can be appealing and exciting, and allows you to circumvent the financial hardships caused by the drepression. "Ohhh Might get caught, gosh its so naughty." And so it goes. Next thing you know you're Bernie Madoff, making billions until it all comes crashing down around you. Of course you have your excuses. Is all this a crime? No. You are no different from a lot of other people. Everyone cheats, even Martha Stewart, only you hope you won't get caught.

When you are not cheating, the recession is right in your face telling you something is wrong. Somewhere, someone is cheating big time, so much that the whole world is in a mess. Clearly if nobody was cheating, then we would have a good economy, and at least some of our mutual funds would go up in value. But no, the economy is in a downturn, and that is a huge steaming pile of evidence that someone out there is cheating, and it is hurting you personally.

"The stock market can’t find any way but down, job losses are growing, and consumer confidence is at a gazillion year low. What I feel like doing is learning how to cheat at cards, and making a killing in Vegas," said one pre-school teacher, right before their bank foreclosed on their home. This is just an example of the sentiment out there, and you need to get on the bandwagon.

Notel was run by crooksSo what you need is a healthy dose of paranoia, that someone or even everyone around you is cheating. If they weren't you would still have you job, and your house, and your partner wouldn't have lipstick on his collar. You can't wait for them to spell it out for you, by the time you learn that Nortel was run by a bunch of lying crooks, your life savings will have gone down the toilet. Remember, there is a monster under the bed, and the one in the closet is even worse! You have to toughen up and get them before they get you!

For role models look to government and wall street. They are an excellent role model on cheating. When the government stopped supervising banks and other financial institutions to make sure that they didn't cheat. The managers of these banks and financial institutions used this opportunity to commit so called 'innocent fraud'. Many former government staff and politicians got cushy jobs on wall street after their terms were up. Coincidence? I think not.

"The system is scamming you, so why not scam back a little," wrote one insider, "You’ve seen what crooks in Washington and on Wall Street can get away with. So it's time to get yours."

The world economy is in a downturn and more and businesses are going down. For the old traditional brick and mortar business operators, this economy downturn really caused a big impact on them. If they can’t sustain the cost of running the business itself like overhead cost, etc they need to cheat to survive.