Where Did Your Savings Go?

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Stocks downDon't look here, we did not take them! Actually many people are wondering where all their wealth has gone, and can they ever get it back. In this in-depth report we explore the answers to these questions.

If you think of money like water, you expect it has to flow somewhere. So if it has left one place, it should be found in another place. You just have to tilt things so it flows back in your direction.

Then comes the sieve model. In essence, it states that you have been trying to carry your water in a sieve. The water is gone.

Perhaps you need to talk to the broker who told you that sieve was a bucket. It is one of two things:

  1. The broker is a crook.
  2. The broker knew nothing about sieves.
  3. I can't count.

You can tell if the broker is a crook if you hear any of the following:

  • Dollar Cost Averaging - this really means to keep putting more water in your sieve, in the hope that you can pour water in faster than it drains out.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio - this one means to have more than one sieve, in the hope that one of them does not leak. The reality is the combined sieves leak even faster.
  • Buy And Hold - this means pour water in and never expect to get it back out again. By the time you check, it will be long gone.

So you can see how easy it is.