Rising Mortgage Rates Leads To Parenticide

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The rise in mortgage rates at three of the big banks during the bad economy comes at a time when people have little more to give, causing ordinary people to take drastic measures. Some adult children are now bumping off their elderly relatives in order to collect on an inheritance that will keep them financially in the black.


Long term fixed rates are affected by various factors, such as prices in the bond market, the costs of long-term deposits, and the competition for CEO financial incentive packages. Since last year, the government has cut back on handing out any more financial stimulus packages, and earnings from consumer deposits has greatly reduced as more consumers have had to dip into their personal savings to cover their living expenses after layoffs.

This has lead to the recent rise in mortgage rates, as a means to maintain bank revenues despite the declines in other revenue streams. Unfortunately in this bad economy, this pushes already cash-strapped consumers to find more money to pay their monthly bills.

Kill parents to make moneySome adult children have turned to their parents as a source of extra funds. Expecting a sizable inheritance, many have actually borrowed against their predicted endowment in order to keep up with the bills. It comes as no surprise when they end up looking forward to the passing of their parents, so that they can settle their debts.

Such a course of action often starts with the children becoming more friendly with their single remaining elderly parent. They invite their parent to sell their home and move in with them. Sometime after that, the elderly parent ends up having some kind of fatal accident, such as falling down stairs multiple times  or accidentally stabbing themselves in the back while eating a grapefruit.

Parents - Watch Out

If you are the elderly parent of adult children who may be facing hardships, you need to look for the warning signs and take appropriate steps to avoid an untimely death. For example, you could communicate often with your children and help them financially, removing their need to kill you.

 Potential Victim

Once you have sold your own home and moved in with your children you have to extra careful. Make sure you prepare your own meals, keep careful watch over any medications for tampering, and avoid bathing if your children installed a large candelabra over the bathtub.

If your children continue to look at you as a source of funds, you might want to have your lawyer draw up a will that leaves the bulk of your estate to a charity, or has conditions set up in the case of an untimely demise. Copies of your will need to be publicized and stored safely. Bear in mind that your children will likely either contest the will or pay off the lawyer to conveniently replace the will with an alternate one. Good luck finding a trustworthy lawyer who is above reproach.

Children - How To Tips

If you are the adult child, who is praying that your elderly parent would choke on a chicken bone so that you can make payments on your mortgage here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure you know what is in their current will, and the lawyer and who has it in safe keeping. Become aware with the location of all copies of the will.

  • Make sure it looks like an accident, because most countries do not allow you to benefit from a crime. You could lose it all. There should be nothing that leads back to you.

  • Make sure there are no other suitors. You may have to arrange for accidents to happen to all your siblings, their heirs and assigns, so that there is noone else who has a claim on the will.

  • Double check that your parent has no outstanding debts or people who could have a prior claim. You may have to eliminate those as well.

  • Try to avoid any complications that could get the estate tied up in probate for any length of time.

Always remember that you only have one set of parents, and the money is a one-time injection of capital, so use it wisely. However, if you can get adopted by some rich people then disregard the last sentence.