Bad Economy Theme Song

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MusicWhat would be a good theme song for this bad economy? What music comes to mind when you think about the state of the economic crisis we find ourselves in? Offer your suggestions and win prizes!

Every time I read about a bank that goes under, I think of "Another One Bites The Dust".

Or for greedy CEOs and congressmen, there is always "Money, That's What I Want", or "I Want It All".

For homeowners, how about "The Foreclosure Blues".

To enter the contest, leave a comment at the end of this article.

And since I mentioned that there are prizes, I will tell you that I have enabled including your website link in comments. All you have to do is suggest a song and why, and you can include a link to your own website or blog. I won't remove it, unless it is stuff like adult links, or if I can't find the song.

I still have captcha turned on, but it should not be a problem. I just don't want the comment spam bots messing things up around here.

So, let the contest begin!