Time Travel To Solve The Economy

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As the economy continues to sink deeper, scientists have been working on a new approach to solving the global economic crisis. The plan is to go back in time and stop the economic collapse before it ever happens. If they can find a point where changing a few events can stop the economic meltdown, then the bad economy would simply not have happened.


In underground bunkers, deep in the frozen North, temporal physicists have been laboring to develop the world's first time machine, capable of sending people back in time. The device uses a rare example of a regular (singularity-free) solution of the Einstein field equation to literally curve space-time in six-dimensional space, and allow travel to points in the past or the future.

Scientists have long been concerned that an attempt to travel backwards in time might take one to a parallel universe whose history would begin to diverge from the traveler's original history after the moment the traveler arrived in the past. Time travel could thus end up creating an infinite number of parallel universes, and ultimately unravel the fabric of the space-time continuum. Granted that is a worse case scenario.

Other theories suggest that when a change is made to the past, the present as we know it will simply cease to exist. In fact there is a group of fanatics known as the "Cult of Hating John Denver" who believe that once time travel is possible, they can go back in time and eliminate the popular artist from the 1970s. This could lead to all number of paradoxes, for example in the case where the inventors of the time machine were originally inspired by the music of John Denver.

The hard part will be making the changes needed to correct the economy before it comes to a crashing halt. There needs to be reforms to the banking and insurance sectors, and that could include new legislation. Given the mental state of some of the world leaders at the time the changes would need to be made, it will not be easy. Another possibility is to go even further back in time to find the person responsible for the invention of credit default swaps, and killing them as a child. The concern then is that someone else will invent it, so several assassinations will be needed. If you thought about credit default swaps, but were too late because someone else had invented them already, you should be worried about this approach.

As you can tell the plans for the temporal incursion are still in a state of flux. They will need to be finalized before the economy gets any worse. If they are successful, then likely this article and this site will no longer exist.