Bad Economy Affects Spirit World

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Ghosts Upset With The EconomySpooky encounters across the globe are increasing, including things that go "Boo!" in the night and general feelings of uneasiness. Many victims are blaming the state of the bad economy for the rise in hauntings.

Reports are in from everywhere, that the spirit world is unhappy with the way we are managing the global economy, especially in the government and banking sectors. A number of suicides and heart attack victims have been providing the ghostly realm with regular updates on the state of the economy they left behind. Several former victims of Lehman Brothers and Bernard Madoff have passed on, and are seeking restitution from beyond the grave. Elsewhere, we learned from witness reports of a few people who have passed on after losing their homes due to bank foreclosures and now haunt the homes in which they lived.


Understanding Their Pain

Internationally Known Medium Elizabeth Edwards explains that the afterlife involves suffering due to the problems with the economy in this life. Ghosts can feel the psychic energy from our distress. As the economy gets worse, it is magnified on the other side. Even after an economic recovery on this side, it could take a long time for things to calm down in the hereafter.

Edwards recommends that we all go out and purchase something to help improve the economy, while whistling a happy tune to ward off negative psychic energy. "This could go a long way to improving things. The dead are focused on our moods and being cheerful will send a message that things are improving."


Skeptics who are working to debunk this 'theory' believe that the increase in reported encounters are merely a reflection of the stress levels and tension experienced by the population over the bad economy. It is a psychosomatic reaction which gets interpreted as some kind of spiritual encounter by weak minded individuals. When we tried to contact one of these skeptics, we were saddened to learn he had recently died mysteriously after debunking walking under ladders and having black cats cross in front of him. We did not attempt to contact him via a medium in accordance with his wishes outlined in his will.


One solution is communicating with the spirit world to keep them apprised of the progress we are making to bring the economy back on track. In some locations, people have attended seances and used ouija boards to discuss the current state of the economy with the departed and explaining the Government's action plan. The theory is, that hauntings will decrease as they hear more good news of the economy. That is assuming there is good news to share. Over the coming months, scientists in our underground bunkers in the frozen North will be tracking the state of the economy by geographical locations and trying to correlate the level of psychic unrest to find a correlation. Check back for updates.