Sushi in a Bad Economy

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One place that caught me by surprise was my local sushi restaurant. They are struggling due to the bad economy, and trying hard to find enough customers to survive the recession. Many of their customers are out of work and have no money for sushi, while scientists and politicians work to study the impact of the bad economy on the restaurant industry as a whole.


Ever since last year and the continuous waves of layoffs and downsizing, people have been cutting back on going out to eat. Not only the lunchtime crowds are reduced, since there is a smaller workforce, but the evening customers are having to make ends meet by not going out for some tasty sushi.

It gets worse, the supply of raw materials (fish) is impacted by the changing ocean levels and the overfishing of fish stocks. The price for fish is going through the roof. Some sushi chefs blame the giant killer squids, but we know that the cause is the bad economy and greedy insurance companies.


This causes restaurants to try to cut corners, such as using older fish that really should be thrown out. A key feature of a good sushi restaurant is the fresh fish, and when you sacrifice that, your restaurant is doomed. Also, sushi restaurants now sell more sushi combos which are loaded heavily with vegetable rolls and other cheaper ingredients. But in the end the customers will know you are selling them short.

I went to an all you can eat sushi bar, but the good stuff was not even on the menu. The sashimi had a limit too. So in reality it was not all I could eat or all I would eat, it was more like all they would have me eat. I have not been back there since.

Perhaps the one good piece of news is in media advertising. The media are also suffering due to the bad economy right now, so they might be more willing to offer deals on advertising in their papers or on radio and TV. You could also get together with car sales lots and have some cross promotional deals going on, just don't drink the coffee there.