Economic Radar

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Economic Radar DishDeep in the underground bunkers in the frozen North, we have been working on super secret radar and satellite imaging to measure how bad the economy is going to be in the coming months. Take it from us, even NORAD does not have this kind of technology. The answer is not good. At first we saw a huge blip, that looked like the perfect storm, with a big letter R (for recession) on it coming our way.

That storm has since arrived, and it does not look to be going away soon. With this storm, comes a long period of economic misery, that will change the fabric of our economic system. This is less of a storm, and more of a monsoon that will last for some time.

Radar Screen
Economic radar dish network

Our underground bunkers are not to be confused with the secret alien bases, those are a few miles further North. You might want to pettition your respective leaders to give full disclosure of what is going on up here.

Alien visitorsWe will be continuing to monitor the storm, which has now engulfed the globe, and we will update you on the changing events as they unfold. That is, unless we are overrun by the aliens, then there will be no reports.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to reduce your exposure to the economic storm.

That is all for now.