Zen And The Bad Economy

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MeditationAccording to the principle of nonduality, there is no good economy without a bad economy, no positive without a negative, no silver lining without a cloud. It is like two sides of the same coin, that is assuming you still have a coin left after the market crash.


In meditation, we observe, we act in a nondualistic fashion, and thus the waste materials of the conscious mind can always be transformed into money making ideas. Our consciousness is a living thing, something organic in nature. The economy is also organic in nature, and needs to be treated as such.

The organic gardener is constantly alert to save waste materials, because he knows how to transform them into compost and then transform that compost into flowers and vegetables. So too in the economy do we look for the waste materials of Lehman brothers and AIG and others, and seek to transform them into compost and then into new businesses.


When you lose your savings due to the bad economy, be grateful for your pains, be grateful for your suffering, for these are important. If a person has never suffered, he or she will never be able to know happiness. If a person does not know what hunger is, they will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of eating. Thus the economy comes along to bring into balance that which is out of balance. It is the same with all things.

So we must know how to learn from the bad economy, we must know how to make use of it to gather the energy of compassion, of love, of understanding. In our meditation, we gather ourselves "Breathing in - I am aware of the bad economy; breathing out - I am smiling at my portfolio." It is in this way we seek peace with out losses, and turn them into joy.

Whenever you have an energy that needs to be transformed, like sadness over your losses in the markets, or fear that your home will be reposessed - do something to care for this energy. Touch the seed of mindfulness, and then all of its energy will will be able to establish itself in your "living room" like a mother tenderly embracing your pain. With that energy of mindfulness you are doing the true practice of meditation in regard to your pain, your emotions. If you are able to maintain mindfulness for five or ten minutes, you will experience relief right away. You money will not return, but you will feel better for it.