Solutions For The Bad Economy

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TrevorSince we are all in deep trouble due to the bad economic times we find ourselves in, here are some simple solutions that you can apply on personal level, from our financial correspondent Trevor:


First off, when is the last time you looked under the cushions on the sofa for loose change that has fell out of your pockets? I can usually find a few dollars there. Perhaps you can invite people who usually have lots of coins in their pockets over to your place to watch the game on your fancy new HDTV. As they bounce up and down in excitement, they could be contributing to your pizza fund.

Second, check all the pockets of your jackets. I have one coat that I only wear in the winter time, and so it can be months since I wore it. Last time, I put my hand in the pocket and found five dollars. It can be as easy as that.

Now imagine all over North America, people found all their loose change and we then went and bought pizza. This could inject a couple hundred million dollars into the economy. The trickle down effect could impact the pepperoni and cheese markets. In time we would see an upturn.

Perhaps you have some ideas? Add a comment at the bottom of this page with your ideas for finding money to get us through this bad economy.

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