Lunar Orbit Decaying Due To The Bad Economy

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The MoonThis may seem hard to believe at first. Since the economic crash last year, the orbit of the moon has begun to decay slightly. In just over eight months, the effects are significant enought to be noticed, if you know what you are looking for.

Scientists in our secret base in the arctic have been monitoring the status of the bad economy for some years now. Elsewhere, astronomers bounce lasers off the moon to calculate the distance from the Earth to the moon at the apogee of it's orbit, and compare it with expected values. At about the same time that the economy crashed last year, things started happening.


The orbit of the moon has been as regular as clockwork, since as far back as we have records. Since last fall, the orbit has begun to decay by a small, but noticeable amount. By now several amateur astronomers have reported similar observations. Also since last fall, amateur astronomers around the world have observed an increase in lunar transient phenomena.

Another way you can see for yourself the changes, is in the tides. The moon is responsible for tides around the world, and until last year you could accurately predict the tides. There is now a small but growing divergence between the tide predictions and the measured observed tide levels, as reported by NOAA. If you use a GPS chartplotter or similar device that calculates the expected tide levels, you may need to re-calibrate them, so use their predictions with a grain of salt.

The moon affects or influences a lot of things, including certain weather conditions on Earth, insect behaviors and to a degree, some people's emotional levels. Scientists are now studying the effects of the decaying lunar orbit on the decline of honey bees in North America.

So how do we connect this potentially devastating astronomical event with the global economic meltdown? The jury is still out on this one. Of course it could be an amazing coincidence that global economic devastation and an astronomical change just happened to start at the same time. We don't think so. Some have speculated that the banks and insurance CEOs were up to something even more evil than we previously imagined.

One theory involves ultra low frequency (ULF) transmissions. Scientists have reported a spike in ULF activity at around the same time last fall. These ULF waves are associated with earthquakes and volcanic activity on earth. In the former soviet union, there were experiments into using ULF as as form of weapon. These experiments ceased after the breakdown of the former soviet union, but we believe they have been started up again, funded by someone. If you have any information on this, please contact us.

Another theory involves fluctuations in the Earth’s gravitational field causing the decay in the lunar orbit. A lot less people buy things due to the economy drying up, and a reduction in buying power. With less stuff, you have less matter, which has a reduced gravitational effect on the moon. In this case, we need to get everyone to buy things before we can restore the moon to a stable orbit.