Economic Status Alert

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Homeland Security Advisory SystemStarting today, we are introducing a new Economy Status Alert, providing an at-a-glance view of how bad things are. This is along the same lines of the Homeland Security Advisory System, and will be updated as things progress.

The Economy Status Alert is designed to guide our protective measures when specific information to a particular economic sector is received.  It combines financial threat information with vulnerability assessments and provides communications to financial advisors and the public. It does not offer any solutions to the bad economy, but helps you to understand how bad it is and to prepare for the fallout and impact of the financial crisis we are in.

Up The Creek
Getting Worse
Sinking Fast - Dive! Dive!
Sinking Fast - Dive! Dive!
Double Dip Recession...

The Economy Status Alert is based on a complex formula involving several factors like job losses or gains, GDP, the number of alien bases in the Arctic and how much money we have in our bank account right now. Don't try to guess what factors push it over from one level to the next, it is far too complex to even try,

The Economy Status Alert is currently at Dark Brown Alert, indicating we are in really deep trouble. Brown is way past red on our scale, and we may have to come up with several shades of brown before this economy clears up.

So next time you want to know how bad things are, you can check out the Economy Status Alert on the left of each page to tell you if the government has made any progress on their stimulus bailouts, or if you should buy that fancy HDTV. As always, we remind the public to be both thoughtful and vigilant about their purchases, and to notify financial advisors of any change in economic activity.

Update - 4/7/09 - Now Dark Brown Alert. "We thought we had hit rock bottom - and then they started handing out pickaxes."

Update - 4/29/09 - Now Sinking Fast due to the swine flu crippling travel and tourism, and threatening to wipe out the pork industry.

Update - 1/5/10 - Double Dip Recession things are getting worse again, after some false hope.

Update - 1/21/14 - Dead Horse things have not improved for several years. We waited patiently, but to no avail. There is no sense beating a dead horse...