Vacations In A Bad Economy

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VacationThe tourism and travel industry is hurting in this bad economy. Many people have been laid off, and no longer have a regular income to invest in a vacation. It is even worse for those people who still have jobs.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said recently "We are going through a deeper economic slowdown than anticipated." Many people lie awake in their beds at night, expecting to be laid off sometime soon. With the pool of unemployment funds rapidly drying up, some people are speculating there won't be enough left for those laid off later this year. Given this context, taking a vacation would be ridiculous.


"If I take a vacation now, there is all likelihood that I won't have a job to return to," said one worker. Many employees are putting in longer hours and skipping vacations and weekends to demonstrate their dedication to their employers. After previous rounds of layoffs, many workers are doing the work of two or three people, since their former co-workers have already been downsized.

Employers are enjoying never before seen levels of dedication and productivity from their remaining employees. "I would have laid off workers long ago if I knew it was this good for the business." said one executive CEO as he was boarding his corporate jet to go down to the corner store to get a quart of milk.

Ironically, for those laid off, now would be the perfect time to take a long deserved vacation. You could go somewhere nice, taking advantage of cheaper rates from a desperate travel industry. You could then send a postcard to your former co-workers, who still have a job, and are doing yours as well. By now they are stressed out to the max, and are at the breaking point, not knowing when they too will be cast out to join the ranks of the unemployed. And then in the midst of it all, your postcard arrives at your former workplace, and it has an effect rather like the straw that breaks the camel's back...

Credit CardsBut alas, for most unemployed that is not going to happen, since most of their unemployment payments will go to paying down credit card debts incurred when they bought those expensive high definition television (HDTV) sets a year ago. There is not even enough money left to pay the cable company, so now the damned thing just sits there gloating at it's owner. With gasolene prices going up, it is too expensive even to go on a road trip. So people are staying home more, checking the want ads for openings in burger joints.


So what is the solution? Well if you are unemployed you need to get a postcard that looks like it comes from someplace expensive and far away. If you can't buy a postcard that you like, try making one in Photoshop, and printing it on card. You then make up something about it being hot and sunny there, and send it to your former co-workers anyways. They go berserk when they think at how hard they are working for less pay (they had to take a pay cut since you left), while you are enjoying yourself. After they go postal, and finally get carted away to the funny farm, you step back into the picture and get your old job back. Simple really!