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Job Hunting & Layoff Game

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Job Hunting & Layoff Game. This tries to simulate the real-world expeeriences of trying to get a job and keeping it during this bad economy.

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Easter Bunny Laid Off

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Easter Bunny FiredSad news, just in, the Easter Bunny has been let go. Citing budget cuts and overall coroporate downsizing plans, his employer has terminated the contract that goes back centuries. Children all around the world will be disappointed this year.

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Bad Economy May Lead To Dolphin Abuse

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DolphinIf job losses and bank failures aren’t enough, marine biologists say a bad economy may also lead to increased incidents of dolphin abuse. This does not even include the secret military groups that train dolphins to carry explosives - the so called kamikazie dolphins.

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Bad Economy Healthcare Package

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You heard it here, we are now offering our own healthcare package, available exclusively to readers of Bad Economy. This package is based around prevention rather than cure, since you do not want to end up in hospital.

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Hiring On Hold

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I learned about this a while ago, and thought it was evil then. Now it is common business practice. This is where a company advertises for a position that does not exist. The problem for a job applicant is that you cannot tell fake ads from real ones.

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Get Your Share of the Bailouts

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With all of the corporate handouts going on, are you in the right line up to get your share? Have you kissed the right behinds or greased the right palms so that your company's name is on the list?

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Downsizing For Fun & Profit

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What better time to take advantage of an opportunity to flush out the dead wood, and make some strategic cuts! Now you can do things that even Machiavelli could not have gotten away with, and blame it on the recession.

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