Job Hunting & Layoff Game

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Job Hunting & Layoff Game. This tries to simulate the real-world expeeriences of trying to get a job and keeping it during this bad economy.

So many people are looking for work in this bad economic climate. Those who have a job are in a volatile environment. Their jobs could be gone from one week to the next. We thought it would be interesting to model the process. 

In the model you can see you either have a job or you don't, it is a binary state. We decided to use funds to determine when the game ends, ie you run out of money.

When applying for a job, your mood determines your outcome. Your mood is influenced by how long you have been out of work, so epect your score to go down over time. If you update your resume, it improves your chance of getting an interview for a while, but it costs money.

You will find it is not easy to get a job, which is more realistic. It is easy to get depressed and fail to make it to an interview, or to not get hired for one of many different reasons. It means you may have to play the game a few times to get employed. If you look at it as just a game, it might not keep your attention long.

Once you have a job, events will happen. The likelyhood of getting let go increases over time, but you can counter that by sucking up to the boss. It costs you something as well. As a sycophant you may last longer in your job, but you won't enjoy it. Also note that there is no connection between doing a good job and getting paid well, or keeping your job. It is entirely in the hands of the employer.

Different companies pay different rates, and some are more volatile than others. You have no choice about who hires you as you are desperate.

We added a Games menu to the left now, so you can click there to play the game. If you like it or you have feedback, please leave a comment here.