Get Your Share of the Bailouts

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With all of the corporate handouts going on, are you in the right line up to get your share? Have you kissed the right behinds or greased the right palms so that your company's name is on the list?

If you follow my simple money making approach, you too can cash in on the bailouts being offered. You can earn more money than when you got that venture funding for that bogus project last year, and best of all - your bonus is secure!

In the USA, under the Bush administration, billions have been given away already. Under the Obama aministration you can expect more money. After all, they cannot let the economy collapse. So what do you do?

  1. Own controlling interest in a large bank.
  2. Make contributions to the following: (deleted)
  3. Go to the government, claiming financial woes.
  4. Suck up to the following people: (deleted)
  5. Bring a large dump truck to carry the money back.

Promotions and bonuses will follow after that. It's so simple...