The Economy And Downsizing

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Dumb EmployeeDownsizing is nature's way of thining out the smart people from the herd, so that only the scared, dim-witted remain to do the work. Employers want workers who can do the work, but who are not smart enough to know they could get a better deal elsewhere. Research has shown that smart workers can be a disruptive influence in the workplace, asking for raises and asking too many questions about health and safety issues.


Pink SlipAs an employer, you need to look for the warning signs, and keep a hit list for your next round of layoffs. If you see workers talking too much, or complaining about working conditions, you know they are overdue to collect their severance cheque. Look for staff who seem to raise the morale of others around the office, so you can nip that in the bud too. Understand that happy people are trouble. The ideal workers have a low self-esteem and a fear of being next on the chopping block.

Sneaky Co-WorkerAs a smart employee, you should try and fly under the radar until you can find a better job, if one exists. You can fill the time by stealing office supplies and using them to incriminate your co-workers. Remember, the more they fire people, the less they can afford to lay off you. Do not be seen as the one blowing the whistle on your former co-workers, or management may see a pattern over time. You will perhaps miss out on a promotion, but the theme here is stealth.

In these global economies, you can bet that the CEO is thinking about moving the entire business offshore, to a country where the costs are a mere fraction of what they are here. If you are a CEO, what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to do it, since you know it ruins the lives of all who have been loyal to the business for years. You get to do it now and blame it on the bad economy, and people will have no argument. After all, if you don't move the work overseas, your business will be unable to compete in the global marketplace. Such a move is also the best way to clean the slate and get rid of those people whom you suspect are secretly smart people, trying to blend in with the masses. As a bonus, the health and safety regulations are almost non-existant there.

With all the downsizing going on around the world, you will find a large number of smart, talented people out on the street, while the majority of dumb people are working even longer hours to keep their jobs. Now is a good time to go into business for yourself. The best time to start a business is when you have either some severance or unemployment money. Understand that once a company has moved overseas, they are not likely to return. That means you will have no local competition. So go and retrieve all those office supplies you previously stole, and get back to work!